Nomadic Tiny Bookshop on Wheels Wandering Through France

Electronic books have captured a big part of the market in recent years. Yet, despite the popularity of e-books and e-readers, people still love their real-paper books.

Combining both the love of books and the charm of tiny houses is this hand-built tiny library on wheels in France. Called la librairie itinérante (“the travelling bookstore”), it’s been constructed by Romain Saunier and Pauline Fagué of La Maison Qui Chemine, a young couple who wanted to meld their skills in carpentry and interior design to create functional yet beautiful tiny homes. Their latest realization for a bookseller named Jean-Jacques is a mobile place that brings books to villages that are too small to have their own libraries or bookshops…

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  1. max godino says:

    Love it! As a tiny home builder (page 33 of “Tiny Homes”) and a co-owner of a cooperative bookstore ( this is my dream combination. Ingenious way to keep the books from falling off during transport and nice use of all available vertical and horizontal space.

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