Off-Grid Home & Farm in Alaska

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  1. Blake says:

    A ten-minute video would be fine. But I don’t have the attention span to watch a one-hour video. Sorry.

  2. Marka says:

    I liked this video for a lot of the typical reasons: off grid living, farming, things I’m interested in and so on. But the thing that I’ll remember, the things that I will take away are his replies to the questions at the end. His advice to dump assets that are not helping you really hit home. Take the hit to your pride, take the hit to your wallet, sell it and walk away. There are probably a lot of people out there like me who are hanging onto a house, a car or whatever by their fingernails, convinced that in some future long run it will pay off for us. I’m dealing with that now. It’s hard. It’s brutal. It requires admitting that you may have made a seriously miscalculation. It requires a tacit, rather public admission that you’ve failed at something. It may require waving goodbye to a considerable chunk of change. It may mean turning your back on an earlier dream. But sometimes hanging on becomes a habit that no longer serves you. Do the hard thing. Take a deep breath, turn round and walk away. Get the freedom to walk towards something better. Good advice. I’m taking it.

  3. uncle leo says:

    This guy needs to have a glass of wine, perhaps a clonazepam-chill out, stare at the wall and shut up for a few hours. How does his girl friend stand it!

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