Off-Grid Homestead in Wales


Hello Lloyd/Shelter Blog,

I started a laid-back UK-based photo blog last autumn and thought you might be interested in a particular story I wrote about a friend’s off-grid homestead in West Wales.

I’ve long been interested in handmade homes and lived on a converted canal barge for over a decade but you’d be hard pushed to find a better example of “walking the low-impact talk” in the UK…

Hope you enjoy this and my other stories.

Best wishes,
–Rich (the Bimbler)

2 Responses to Off-Grid Homestead in Wales

  1. ncfarmchick says:

    I believe the equivalent term here in the Southern US for bimbling would be lollygagging. Both lovely words and concepts I wholeheartedly endorse. Looking forward to future stories from you and your camera. Thank you!

  2. Anon says:

    very cool. Thank you.

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