Off-Grid Tiny Home in Tiny Home Village in Washington D.C.

© Jay Austin

This is Boneyard Studios, a tiny home village located on a vacant lot in Washington D.C. The featured builder is Jay Austin and his now completed off-grid tiny home.

“…Austin has since completed the interiors of his Matchbox home to impressive effect, featuring a well-lit, modern interior that feels much bigger than its 7.5 by 19 feet. The ground floor includes a generous living area and kitchen, in addition to storage. The central area is flanked by large windows that let in plenty of daylight. According to Jetson Green, the kitchen has smaller and more energy-efficient appliances, while the sink’s faucet is operated via a foot pedal to save even more counter space. Above the entry alcove is a bedroom loft, accessible via a magnetic ladder. The best thing about this loft is that you can stare at a the night sky from bed, thanks to a strategically placed skylight window…”

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©Jay Austin


©Jay Austin


©Jay Austin

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  1. Andrew says:

    my small home was 3 m x 6 m, and i was looking for some ideas as to how to use the space. there were 2 adults, 2 dogs, a double bed, toilet , kitchen and lounge in that space! some great ideas, thank you.

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