Off the Grid, Under the Radar in UK


My cabin is on the upper, south-facing slopes of a valley under a big tree. I’m not allowed to say where because living off the grid has become seen as a naughty and subversive thing to do so I won’t tell you where it is but it’s in a field in Oxfordshire.

It’s a timber-framed building, clad with timber with double-glazed windows and wool insulation. The floor space is rectangular but the end profile is pentagonal so it means that it’s wider at the eaves than it is at the floor. There’s a mezzanine level for sleeping.…

3 Responses to Off the Grid, Under the Radar in UK

  1. Rose Hiatt says:

    Finally, someone addressed where to put these lovely little abodes. After all, some of us can’t build in parental back yards.

    • Evan Kahn says:

      Very true Rose, hopefully more people will be open to letting people rent their unused space in the future.

  2. Anon says:

    it is sad, and rather unconscionable that society / governments have evolved to the point where it makes it nearly impossible to live like this. around North America, and other “advanced” countries, it seems to be more of a crime to be industrious and self reliant that to live off the profits of crime in a city…

    to me it is a sad and unconscionable evolution of society/government.

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