Our Tiny House


I just finished reading Tiny Homes for the fourth time. What a great book! I wanted to send on a couple pics of our tiny house we built a few years ago. I have many more pics if you’re interested but wanted to make sure this email was still current before I sent them on.

We designed the house to be totally off the grid. It has a small bathroom with composting toilet, kitchenette, and sleeping loft. A woodstove provides heat and a water barrel catches rain water for non-potable water fed to the sinks. The structure is 12×12 (any bigger and we would have had to get a permit). With the exception of two of the windows in the loft, all of the materials were leftover from other people’s building projects.

Hope you like it! Thanks again for a great book! Can’t wait for the next one!!



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  1. Ed Layton says:

    Great hillside design. I can only imagine the beautiful views from the loft windows. Would love to see interior photos.

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