Outdoor Bath House

outdoor bath house

Hey Lloyd! This is Frank the traveling carpenter, from page 92 of Tiny Homes on the Move. My brother and I just got back from southern Georgia after building an outdoor bath house in the beautiful forest there. The building is made of locally milled cypress and western red cedar from your neck of the woods. The front door, triangular window, and privacy screens were all salvaged materials from the property that were modified to fit the style of the building.

belo-03 belo-01

Just for fun I also attached some photos of a geodesic dome on the property I had the pleasure of cedar shaking this past spring. The cedar shakes are coated with linseed oil and pine tar which will help them endure the elements and pests as well as give them a beautiful color.


I am always traveling for jobs in the tiny house and can be reached at frankscabinetry@gmail.com should anyone have any unique projects that need some helping hands.

Hope all is well out west!
–Frank Belo


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  1. Anon says:

    beautiful, love the roof lines on bottom build.

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