Small Homes Book Is Off to the Printer

We got the proofs back last week, and I almost cried when I went through it page by page. Sounds dumb, I know, but it was overwhelming to see all the pages, in collated order, full size, 4-color for the first time — after a couple of years working on it. I’d only seen rather low-quality, reduced size printouts up until now. And you know what, it’s (ahem) a beautiful book.

People, home builders from all walks of life, a great variety of designs, materials, locales. It may very well be the most useful book we’ve ever done. Tiny homes are great for some people, but too small for most. Here are 65 or so homes in all, a cornucopia of ideas for people who can’t afford high rents and bank mortgages, and want to build or remodel (or contract out) their own homes.

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Off-Grid Scandinavian-Inspired Tiny Home


Vivid colors and a light-filled interior beckon tiny house aficionados to NestHouse, designed by Jonathan Avery of Tiny House Scotland. Avery’s goal was to create a super-sustainable, super-efficient tiny home, and he succeeded with the gorgeous NestHouse. Blending retro and Scandinavian aesthetics, the tiny home boasts an off-grid option, creative storage, and even a wee bathtub.

Like many tiny home designs, NestHouse takes every opportunity to maximize space, but frequently does so in creative, unique ways. For example, the sleeping-loft ladder twists around a woodstove, saving space, and pull-out storage beneath the winding staircase ensures dwellers can make the most of the tiny house…

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