Please Help to Find Stolen Tiny Home in Texas

New Update: FOUND!



Casey Friday’s tiny house was stolen in Texas. There has been a possible recent sighting of it with a “For Sale” sign on Highway 290, east of Dripping Springs, TX. From Casey Friday’s Facebook posts:

My Tiny House was stolen from Spring Branch, TX on approximately December 20, 2014. I’ve been building this house for the past 2.5 years, pouring all my devotion and love into it. It’s the house my wife and I were going to live in, on a lovely piece of property in Spring Branch.

If you see this custom home built on a trailer — in Texas or elsewhere — please let me know.

More information at my blog:…(Excusable profanity alert.)


I received word from a contact on my website that someone spotted my Tiny House with a “For Sale” sign on Highway 290, east of Dripping Springs, TX. If you know anyone near Dripping Springs, please share this, so that they can be on the lookout for my house.

I’m adding more photos, so you can see it from all angles.

CaseyFriday2 CaseyFriday3 CaseyFriday4
CaseyFriday5 CaseyFriday6

If you live in or near Dripping Springs, and you’ve seen this house, please let me know! I really want to get my house back!

–Casey Friday

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12 Responses to Please Help to Find Stolen Tiny Home in Texas

  1. Found it!!! Thank you for posting this!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Really?? That is awesome!,,

  3. Anonymous says:

    Glad it was found. My blog would be the same as yours if it happened to me. I hate assholes that steal.

  4. I’m SOOO happy for you guys! I can’t even imagine the roller coaster of emotions you dealt with the past couple of weeks! I’mg lad to have found your blog and will be following you guys on your journey! I hope you and Jessica are able to recover from this and still love the land you bought and future you invested in!!!

  5. kyle says:

    These little houses on trailers will blow over in big a thunderstorm. I can appreciate the concept, but it would not cost more than 3k to secure to a new slab foundation. Glad you got it back from thieves.

  6. brad says:

    So i just seen all of this. Your little house was stolen and now you got it back. So what are your plans now. Just curious

  7. brad says:

    It is good to see a man when he makes some comments can also suck up his pride and to come back and make it right

  8. Anonymous says:

    your story was heart-breaking, i prayed that your home would be found in good condition. i am so glad it was found, God bless.

  9. Kelly Jantzi says:

    I hope that the dirtbags that stole it are arrested and spend some serious jail time!

  10. Bob Goodwin says:

    I read your story and what you said about it, was mild compared to what I would have said, but in the end, I’m happy that you recovered it. Hopefully it wasn’t damaged too much. I was a carpenter and builder most of my life, and always loved to see the finished product, and doubly so because everything I built I took personal pride in. My best to you both, and I hope your life is better now. Hopefully the scumbags that took it will be spending time in prison. Thanks, and good luck.

  11. Kyle, do you speak from experience? My tiny home survived Hurricane Ike (and countless bouts of thunderstorms, hail, and straight line winds over the years) with not a scratch while several of my neighbors had significant damage to their monstrosities. Of course, it is on my land and overly secured into deep concrete with the wheels removed.

    So, Kyle, unless you speak from experience, take your lack of know-how elsewhere.

  12. Jim says:

    We had a drug addict break in 4 times. Then he ripped off his parents and went to prison. Everyone knew who he was and many times was seen trespassing including me.
    He broke into my pickup truck stole somethings of moderate value, but broke a window cost me $300 to fix. How do you retreat from your home? Losing your new chainsaw that you had used once was bad, but losing your security, knowing someone can just walk onto your property and take your stuff and more importantly your life, there is no retreat and vulnerable.
    One family was broken in 10X with huge loss. They sold and moved, but the reality that it can be anywhere. Makes so sad to hear of your journey and your reaction is understandable. Kind of like getting divorced. I do hope that you fall in love again and not let the thief steal your heart, when he stole your house.

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