Primitive Technology: Forge Blower

4 Responses to Primitive Technology: Forge Blower

  1. WOW, that IS primitive! Love it…

  2. Peter says:

    I must have missed something. What is it that he has just smelted? It looks like clinker to me, but it must be some kind of metal. Anyway, it certainly is neat.

  3. Peter says:


    …for a full description of what he is doing. I was a bit baffled because the results of all his ingenious labors seemed to be a lump of slag!

  4. Duffy says:

    It appears to me that he is smelting iron. If you see, he is pulling iron oxide oozing from the puddle (the orange stuff, rust, probably from algal activity), combining it with Charcoal and possibly sodium bicarbonate, which brings the iron and the carbon together to make iron ore. From here he can hammer it into a spear point or blade.

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