Raoul and Vicki Hennin's Bungalows in a Box

Bungalow in a Box

These really look nice!
Sent to us by Mike W.

“Raoul and Vicki Hennin founded Montsweag Brook Corporation on the coast of Maine in 1998 to fulfill their creative entrepreneurial dreams. While Vicki continues her career as VP of Marketing at Diversified Communications in Portland, Maine, Raoul designs, builds, and delivers these unique bungalows throughout New England. A bungalow raising is a quick, weathertight jump-start to a precious living space on a remote mountain top or right in your own backyard.”


Raoul drilling Interior shot Framing in progress Cut beams

4 Responses to Raoul and Vicki Hennin's Bungalows in a Box

  1. Linnea says:

    Wonderful… What craftmenship! I am impressed! Wishing you guys a happy future in your soon to be home! Love Linnea from Sweden!

  2. Seeing other Mainers do this gives me hope that I will get to this point and also be able to do this. Tiny House or a bungalow both are appealing to me. Working my way towards it. :-) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those are gorgeous little bungalows.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Are these photos updates or older sequence. How far are you now on build. You’re clearly a craftsman, this is very impressive.

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