Reno Builders Specialize in Remodeling Old Homes


HabeRae Properties began in 1998 with a dream of buying old run down houses inside the urban core of Reno and turning them into nice places to call home. In a few years we had renovated more than fifty properties and then wanted to try our turn at developing small urban lots.

We had learned that for every acre developed, four acres of open space is destroyed in the process. Therefore we decided to specialize in developing city lots that could utilize existing infrastructure and beautify blighted areas of downtown.

Unbeknownst to us this development philosophy had a term: urban infill. Urban infill became our mantra and we have continued our business into the new decade under the name of HabeRae Homes. We are proud to report our renovations, adaptive reuse and development practices have now produced more than 200 beautiful transformations in 16 years of business.

Our belief is that small, well-thought-out urban infill can infuse a blighted area with wonderful energy.

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