Roll Your Own: The Complete Guide to Living in a Truck, Bus, Van or Camper (1974)


Nels Norene was featured in Tiny Homes on the Move. He wrote:

Hi guys,

I found this aged photocopy while going through a box of files from years past. It was tucked in with folders of research notes, press releases, rough drafts and galleys of articles for various publications and several rejected or killed stories that I’d had vague hopes of placing in other print media; all this from the days before the Internet. Everything looked so crisp and quaint, especially the neatly typed articles on 20 lb. bonded stationery.

Times do change. Something that has held fairly constant for me my entire more-or-less adult life though is an interest in vehicular living in long or short form.

I had already been doing it in station wagons and a van by the time I came across this book in my local library. Roll Your Own by Jody Pallidini and Beverly Dubin was a classic of nomadic literature, a period companion piece to Caravan by Stephen Gaskin and Vagabonding in Europe and North Africa by Ed Buryn. I never once found a copy of Roll Your Own outside that lone library copy. I ran this copy off a dried-out, tattered, yellowed, and bug-eaten copy of the Whole Earth Catalog if memory serves me. It came out maybe 40 years before Tiny Homes on the Move, proving to me at least that good things never go out of style.

–Nels Norene

Thanks, Nels, I was able to track down a used copy on Amazon for our archives. –LK

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  1. Clif Osborn says:

    Would be great to see an update… Heck, even a reprint would be cool. The price of the few usable copies on the market are way out of my range.

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