Rolling Home: 1932 Chevy Housetruck

1932 Chevy rolling home

1929 Chevy housetruck


Stumbled upon your blog. Once upon a time we built “tiny houses” but they were on old trucks not trailers. Summer of ’72 in Eugene, Ore. There were several, “Rolling Homes” or “Housetrucks.” I built my first one that summer on the back of a ’29 Chevy.

Built a few over the years, and my last one is here in Hawaii and on another old truck. A ’32 Chevy. I don’t live in one now, it would be hard to keep a farm running out of such a small space. It could barely hold the animal supplies for a month.

Tradeoffs, I used to be a rolling stone and traveled from place to place, a gypsy nomad. But now the stone has stopped and has been growing moss.

Peter Frost
Puna, Hawaii

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