Romantic Tiny Forest Home for $4,000

Tiny Home in Woods

Interior Shot“… Amazingly, Herrle was able to construct this tiny cabin of 11 by 14 feet in the woods for only $4,000 and in only six short weeks. The rustic interior is lovely. (We love the colourful Mexican ceramic sink), and the house itself is sited on a hillside porch that wraps around some trees and juts out 12 feet high off the ground on one side…”

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3 Responses to Romantic Tiny Forest Home for $4,000

  1. Rebeca says:

    I love it. One of my dreams. It will happen too.

  2. I’m ready to build one now and get out of apt living. This house is perfect!

  3. Helen says:

    Is this the one for sale for $4000? If so, where is it located? And, how much land comes with it?

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