San Francisco, NYC Lead in 10 Most Expensive Cities for Rentals


While San Francisco was again the most expensive market this April, the real story continues to be the rise of rents across the entire Bay Area. San Francisco proper saw the median rent for a one bedroom rise 1.8% in the month, tying the record from February at $3,460.

At the same time, San Jose apartments had a 10.3% rise in the trailing quarter, and is now tied with Washington DC as the fourth most expensive city to rent in the US at $2,040. Oakland remained flat in the prior month, but is up 6.4% in the past quarter to a median of $2,000.…

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  1. I find this an appalling situation. Even outside Seattle rentals are mind bogglingly expensive. The San Juan Islands are nearly as expensive – if one can even find a place to rent at all. It’s all AIRBNB and the like, which has created a terrible conundrum for locals who need year round living situations. Even we got the boot from one place in April so the landlord could book for the season. This is typical in these parts and it’s made, for one, building a house – while not able to live on site – a serious hassle. No wonder tiny houses are so popular!

  2. gene89 says:

    Geez, I live on Maui, and I thought our rents were expensive. question is: how many square feet in those $3000 and up houses/apts? I rented a 650 sq ft 2 bdrm cottage on Maui for $1150 (granted, that would be on the very low side). High for that cottage would be about $1350.
    a hui hou

  3. Rick Gordon says:

    With rents for basic housing exceeding 40k a year, expect a flood of middle-class people coming face-to-face with the prospect of homelessness.

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