SF Couple Build Out Sprinter Van to Live on the Road

The idea of leaving most of your possessions behind to start living (and adventuring) in a van might seem like either a faraway dream or a foolhardy undertaking, depending on who you ask.

Juliana Linder and Richmond Hollen plunged into that nomadic lifestyle after purchasing a 2002 Freightliner Sprinter van.

Before taking off on a yearlong trip in their van-home, the couple spent time saving up and customizing the van. They gave up their apartments in San Francisco in 2016…

2 Responses to SF Couple Build Out Sprinter Van to Live on the Road

  1. Carol says:

    I love these stories buuuut I don’t understand why folks put heavy wood paneling and furniture in their RVs, vans, and campers. That must add to their gas costs and even handling of the van (unless it’s balsa or something crazy light). I’d use cloth paneling and plastic benches, etc.

    • Evan Kahn says:

      Hello Carol, a lot of the van builds I have seen use wood paneling, but they plane it down to 1/8th” thickness so they can get the look of real wood without all of the weight.

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