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The Idaho Sheep Camp company builds three models of canvas-covered sheep wagons: a traditional model with wooden spoke wheels; a horse-drawn version with rubber tire running gear; also a rubber tire wagon that is freeway capable.

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These sheep wagons are built with Douglas fir 2″× 6″ tongue and groove flooring and sidewalls. The doors, cabinets, and end walls are built with ¾-inch premium Douglas fir. The six ash bows and seven pine stringers are constructed using hidden screws. The cover is made from Top Gun fabric, a durable, high-count woven polyester coated on both sides with a specially formulated polymeric coating that will not harden, crack, or peel after outdoor exposure or in extreme temperatures. The coating adds UV, mildew, and water resistance but can breathe so it will not trap excess moisture. Both wood-burning and electric stoves are available. Handmade in Boise, Idaho.

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trailing_sheep_2011_142.36481501_largeIdaho Sheep Camp Company is owned by Kim & Kathy Vader, whose Basque sheep herding family traditions inspire them to build authentic, working sheep wagons. For more information visit

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