Steampunk Tiny Home


The so-called Steampunk Adventure Home is the creation of the company Maximus Extreme Living Solutions from Utah. It is quite a leap from the typical tiny homes we are used to seeing and the steampunk additions really work to make it unique.

The Steampunk Adventure Home was designed and built for a single mom and her son. It was constructed atop a custom-made triple-axle heavy‑duty trailer, which is road-safe and can be towed by a car or truck. The home measures 24 × 13.8 × 8.6 feet (7.3 × 4.2 × 2.6 m) and has a floor space of 340 square feet (31 sq m), counting the lofts.


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13 Responses to Steampunk Tiny Home

  1. Anonymous says:

    in the first interior shot, off to the left is a short set of traditional steps……..where do they lead to?…..they don’t got to the loft……….some sort of split level function?…….looks interesting

    • Judiann Burrus says:

      If you look at the top of that photo, you will see that there are more stairs continuing to go up. Second photo shows the top of the second set after the turn. They lead up to the loft.

    • Rico says:

      I believe that is the kid’s doll house they made on the show Tiny House Nation. It’s not the house.

      • Kinsey says:

        No, that’s definitely not a doll house. It’s the interior/lower level of this Tiny House. It looks little enough to be a doll house, lol.

      • Kinsey says:

        Oops, I looked again and enlarged the pics and I think you’re right. The first 2 pics definitely look like a doll house. Thanks for the info.

  2. Marie says:

    The article says, “towed by a car or truck..” NO WAY – this thing is so heavy you’ll need a semi to get it around – CONCRETE COUNTERS??????? OH, why??????????????

  3. Marie says:

    Why would you include pictures of a dollhouse so close up that people think its part of the house? This article is seriously flawed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A 250 lb. door is pretty over-the-top…you could get a lot of other interior features out of that extra weight- I understand we’re going for industrial ( steam punk )….but whoa! I hope the client has a serious tow vehicle. I didn’t catch what the gross weight is. but my advice would be- hire a professional mover and park it where you plan on staying.

  5. Gordie says:

    Concrete countertops don’t have to be all that heavy. shows how.

  6. Anon says:

    here’s one with amazing woodwork/craftsmanship

  7. Peter says:

    I went to YouTube and viewed this episode of Tiny House Nation (

    There is something distinctly weird about the design of this tiny house. I rather like steampunk, but I think it has been taken to extremes here. I’m not sure why you would put a bathtub, as opposed to a shower, in a tiny house but to use a 4-foot cattle trough for this purpose seems an uncomfortable solution to the space problem. The plumbing is also questionable: if the cold water pressure is higher than the hot water pressure, as is often the case, you would never get any hot water coming out of the bathtub faucet.

    The weight issue has already been raised, but I’m sure that the steel cladding doesn’t help. The lady seems to have a large pickup truck to tow it and does not intend to use the small red sedan that was shown earlier in the program, but I think it would still be very difficult to tow on anything other than a freeway and, even there, a strong side wind, or a large passing truck could cause problems.

    Still, it’s her money!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I seen it for sale on hgtv tiny house hunters

  9. Cathy says:

    I wanna know what the flooring is?

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