Super Narrow (6′ Wide) Tiny Home in Tokyo

Located in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, this tiny home is just six feet wide (1.8 meters) with 860 square feet of living space. This super narrow house is tucked neatly between its neighbors, offering residents a sleek and contemporary look. Huge glass windows guarantee you’ll always know what is going on in the street, from raucous autumn matsuri festivals to little capped schoolchildren clutching their bags while they tromp by on their morning jaunt to school.


One Response to Super Narrow (6′ Wide) Tiny Home in Tokyo

  1. Anon says:

    interesting design…

    bound to keep the occupant trim and active, all those steps and ladders, grin.

    hope they add some blinds/curtains..While they may love the open window concept, the neighbours are fairly close, and mayhaps the neighbours aren’t so interested in watching the nightly bath…..just say’n.

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