Superadobe/​Earthbag Orphanage Withstands Nepal Earthquake


After the 7.6 magnitude earthquake in the Kathmandu valley in Nepal, Cal-Earth Institute stunned by how their patented Superadobe/Earthbag technology fared in contrast to the neighboring homes. The 90 children and caretakers at Pegasus Children’s Project Orphanage are safely sheltered by these domes, made of just sandbags and barbed wire.

More information at Cal-Earth.

7 Responses to Superadobe/​Earthbag Orphanage Withstands Nepal Earthquake

  1. Anon says:

    Good news. Very good to hear.

    There was just another major quake in Nepal (yup). Let’s hope it still holds up.

    Interesting looking too.

  2. gustavocado says:

    Is there anyone in Nepal who can teach this to the locals?? I have a friend whoe village was destroyerd and they need to rebuild quickly/cheaply and i suggested this technique, but dont know who else to point him to. And referrals greatly appreciated Thanks!

  3. terrance says:

    We are also rebuilding in Nepal, homes and schools and are interested in this process for safety and longativity. Please advise of larger buildings like schools that have been built?

  4. greg says:

    There are classrooms in Nepal built of earthbag, Terrance.

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