The Table Top Farm Stand


Hi, Lloyd!

As you requested, here is a small photo of my newest farm stand in downtown Pt. Reyes and also the farm stand up at my main plot at 37 Cypress in Pt. Reyes. My friend Justin Goldwater and I built both of the stands and Justin designed and oversaw construction on them. He is really a big fan of yours and actually before we started the design process for this last farm stand in downtown, I sent him your book Builders of the Pacific Coast for inspiration! So there is some of that in the design.

downsized_1114140931aBoth of the farm stands are smaller than the county guidelines that would require a permit (I think one is 8 × 10 and the other is 10 × 12′). The first one we built is actually built on skids because I was worried about the potential I would have to move if the County started making issues (so far so good…). The structures are about 75 to 80 percent reclaimed lumber, mostly salvaged from old barns and a lot of lumber from redwood decks and fences.

It was interesting hearing about your history of farming on the Bolinas mesa. Kind of a little known history, it seems. I totally related to what you said about using tractors and being at a scale that makes sense. This is my fourth year farming and I’ve gone from ¼-acre using all hand tools and knowing basically nothing about farming to now 12 acres of land and 6 acres under cultivation at the height of the growing season … and I have three tractors! Farming requires so much stuff!! I’m looking forward to next season, but right now I am enjoying the rest that the rain, cooler temperatures and shorter days allow.

01I’d love to come out and see the greenhouse you were telling me about sometime. I am in the middle of planning for building a greenhouse and haven’t chosen a design yet. I received a grant to build two of them, and I think it would be fun to do something somewhat creative, if that makes sense.

Let me know if you ever feel like going for a walk around the farm and/or I could show you the farm stands if you are up this way some time.

–Arron Wilder
Table Top Farm
Pt. Reyes Station

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