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Builder on the Move

My partner and I restored an old bread oven in northern Drôme, France, that was damaged by the rain and the time, extended it to make a small bedroom for a guesthouse. The idea was to create a room for lovers, close to the woods and far from the road.

The special design with bottles is inspired from the wind and a feather because the guest house is called the Feathers Inn. Most of the building materials were repurposed (tiles, bottles, door, wood), or found on site (earth, stones).

The design is inspired by the local style of building with stones on the base and earth on the top, but adapted with a contemporary touch.

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Fully Furnished Tiny House Built in France


This beautiful house on wheels may look tiny, but it can easily fit a family of three thanks to its space-saving interior design. French tiny house company Baluchon designed the ultimate home for wandering minimalists, giving it a fitting name — Odyssée.

The 217-square-foot house has a space-efficient layout that fits all the amenities of a regular-sized home. The sitting area lies above a small room that can be used as a guest room or play area for a small child. A small, operable window ensures the crawlspace is well-ventilated. The kitchen is split into two areas — one with a sink and the other with the stove. A pull-out table forms a small dining space next to the kitchen. Accessible via a ladder is the main sleeping area with a big bed, while the bathroom features a composting toilet.

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Telescoping Teardrop Camper Expands to 3x Size at Push of Button


Teardrop campers all share one simple design disadvantage: their tiny size on the road makes them equally tiny when it’s time to camp. French company Beauer is offering a solution in their 3X caravan, which is small when being towed, but expands to three times the size when parked for the night. With the push of a button, the camper, which resembles a trio of nestled tin cans, telescopes in about 20 seconds to its full size, providing ample interior space.

Interior in expanded state

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A Horse-Drawn Caravan

a horse-drawn caravan

Dear Lloyd,

We send you some pictures from our horse-drawn caravan.

We built our first caravan in order to move with our animals and find a good place to live. All the caravan was made in low-cost or recycled wood; it costs us about 600 euros to do it. It was painted with a melting of ochres, linseed oil and beeswax, applied hot.
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Cob Home with a Reciprocal Roof



Les Tit’B Libres is a group of young French artists living communally in handmade structures, such as this cob home with a reciprocal roof.

See more of their free lifestyle at

To build a reciprocal roof, we first install a temporary central pillar on which the first chevron is placed. The height of this pillar depends on the roof pitch.The following rafters are then placed to support the one on the other. The last chevron place above the penultimate and below the first one. They are then attached to each other and the central pillar is removed. If only one of the rafters breaks, the whole structure collapses. Read More …

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Yogan's Tiny Ship-Shape House


In 2007, we got an email from Yogan, a young carpenter in France. He said he’d started out with a Volkswagen van, worked alone, and was following in the footsteps of old carpenters, using “…noble wood.” He had a large Mercedes van that contained his portable tools, as well as a bed and kitchen for working away from his home territory. He’d seen our book Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter, and wanted us to see the treehouse he was living in. We featured Yogan in both Tiny Homes and Tiny Homes on the Move. Here’s a new creation from Yogan, a ship-shape elevated 450 sq. ft. tiny home located in France, with a deck shaped like the prow of a ship.
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Wooden Teardrop Trailers and Surfboards Built in France


“Born in the heart of the Basque country, UhainaPo is to Classic Surfboard Spirit what a Stradivarius is in the world of violin. Surfboards, paddles, longboard, bodyboard, Hawaiian canoes UhainaPo offers the intact pleasure of a real authentic surf.

Manufactured with the same requirements as UhainaPo products, TearDrops Uhainapo Travel will allow you to travel in comfort and respect for nature.”

www.uhainapo.com3 www.uhainapo.com1

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Amazing Owl Cabin

Owl-shaped building

“The designers at Zebra3 have constructed a truly uniquely shaped cabin. This building is located close to the Rives Arcins in Bordeaux, France. Its ‘organic’ form remarkably replicates the night owls of the land.

This facade is perforated by two round ‘porthole’ windows at the top level that mimic the big eyes of the owl. All of this is topped up by a shingled roof finish that imitates the feathery texture of the nocturnal predator.”

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