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Small Home in San Francisco


I’ve often found that homes that appear quite simple on the outside are lovely inside. Also that in my experience, men tend to think of how a building looks on the exterior, whereas women tend to judge a home by the interior space and the life that can be lived within. That’s an observation from decades of observing both men and women and their ideas of what makes for a desirable home.

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Millennials Cannot Afford Homes


I co-teach a freshman seminar at the University of Texas called “Debt: the Good, Bad and Ugly” that examines the different ways consumers borrow and spend. Do they reflect wise investments in the future (the good), unnecessary or frivolous spending that should be avoided whenever possible (the bad), or spending that can ruin your life (the ugly)? Virtually every person in the U.S. will end up in debt at one point or another, and understanding the ins and outs is essential for all of us. It’s also the reason I focus my seminar and research on the topic of consumer debt.

–Mechele Dickerson…

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San Francisco, NYC Lead in 10 Most Expensive Cities for Rentals


While San Francisco was again the most expensive market this April, the real story continues to be the rise of rents across the entire Bay Area. San Francisco proper saw the median rent for a one bedroom rise 1.8% in the month, tying the record from February at $3,460.

At the same time, San Jose apartments had a 10.3% rise in the trailing quarter, and is now tied with Washington DC as the fourth most expensive city to rent in the US at $2,040. Oakland remained flat in the prior month, but is up 6.4% in the past quarter to a median of $2,000.…

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Best Small Home 2015 — Fine Homebuilding HOUSES Awards

Best Small Home 2015: This year’s best small home was designed by architect Emory Baldwin of FabCab. Beyond its smart and flexible floor plan and its natural finishes, we’re drawn to this project for its relevance. The cabin, which is a stock design, aims to satisfy the housing needs of homeowners in an incalculable number of settings. To us, it reinforces the idea that when done well, sound home design is universally applicable. Learn more about this house at…

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Nubian-Style Domed Mud and Brick Homes of Mali


Building a house in the poorest villages of southern Mali has for years involved cutting trees for timber frames and struggling to save cash for a corrugated iron roof.

Now families are turning to an alternative: Nubian-style domed mud-brick homes that are cheaper, protect fast-vanishing local forests and make homes cooler in the worsening summer heat, experts say.…

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High-End Tiny Homes


Luxury homes tend to have a few defining characteristics, but one of the most important aspects is doubtless an abundance of space. The most expensive homes currently on the market — $195 million Palazzo di Amore in Los Angeles, $139 million Le Palais Royal in Florida — weigh in at a massive 53,000 and 60,000 square feet, respectively.

The tiny home craze, a movement centered on the countercultural idea that it’s better to live small than large, is taking a cue from the mega-mansion and embracing upscale amenities. From quality woods to granite countertops to sound systems and LED lights, tiny homes have moved beyond their sawdust toilet roots, with several companies offering scaled-down versions of luxury features. One company is even marketing a tiny hot tub…

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