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Tiny Log Cabin in Southern Poland


This tiny log cabin provides a snug and romantic retreat for couples. The compact cabin is part of an inn on the outskirts of Czerwienne, a village in southern Poland. Unobstructed views over fields and forests to the Tatra Mountains can be enjoyed from the cabin’s front deck.

The cabin is very tiny, as in tiny-house-on-wheels tiny. The ground floor has only a small sitting room and a three-piece bathroom, while overhead is a sleeping loft just big enough to fit a futon bed. There is no real kitchen, just a mini fridge and microwave in one corner, but guests have access to a shared kitchen in the inn’s main building. If someone did want to live full-time in the cabin, a small kitchenette could probably be squeezed in against the bathroom wall.

A small woodstove provides the required cozy cabin ambiance, but there is also the luxury of a heated stone floor in the bathroom, as well as a jetted shower. Aside from the bathroom floor and the protection for the woodstove, the cabin’s walls, ceiling and floors are all finished in rustic pine boards.…

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Logtagon: Scribe-Fit Log Building


Hi Folks,

Before I knew of all your books I built the attached … thought it might interest you … Thanks for all the inspirational books!

Henry Fosbrooke

We have been involved with the construction and design of a number of timber structures for the past 10 years.

Trying to build with trees and timber grown locally and using scribe-fit log building and timber framing techniques, you can see some of the buildings that have been created.
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Cumberland Log Cabin Kit from $16,350


The Cumberland log cabin kit is very unique with 2 reverse gables and center porch. This great design allows for 2 lofts located at each end. The Cumberland is great for those wanting separate lofts. Our log cabin kits feature open floor plans and do not include interior walls, insulation, kitchen, bathroom, electric and dormers. Most of these items are available for purchase as options — please contact us to request a quote. Want extra height? You can add logs to your cabin kit. You can get just enough to make extra head room beneath the loft or enough logs to make stand up lofts!

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Mike Beaudry & Bill Rispoli's Sod Roof Log Cabin


Lloyd and company,

I am essentially an itinerant timber framer and hand hewer. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work on some unusual small homes and cabins. Like many, the book that influenced me the greatest was Shelter. It was in Shelter that I first saw a cruck frame and fell in love with its simple beauty. Shelter also showed me that it was possible for someone to pick up an axe and hew out a timber frame or log home.

I own the whole Shelter series including the less familiar Shelter II.

I do not know if you are interested in any of these pictures for publication but I would truly feel honored if you did.

This building is a log cabin, hand-hewn. This was built by Bill Rispoli and me. The living roof is blueberry sod. Has berries in August and turns scarlet in autumn. Think of us as builders from the Atlantic Coast.

–Mike Beaudry

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