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Six Gambrel Roof Barns in Oregon


These are barns I photographed in the Willamette Valley in Oregon in September, 2014. The gambrel is a distinctive and common barn roof shape in this part of the world, as is the curved roof barn (See posted last month.)

The word gambrel “Šderives from the hock (bent part) of a horse’s leg, also called a gambrel. The lower part of the roof is a steep slope, the upper part shallower. The break-in roofline allows head room in the loft space, and is useful in barns for hay storageŠ as well as in homes for rooms above plate level.” –From Shelter II, p. 98.

There are also plans for a 24′ × 32′ gambrel-roofed barn on pages 102-103 of Shelter II.


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Mike Beaudry & Bill Rispoli's Sod Roof Log Cabin


Lloyd and company,

I am essentially an itinerant timber framer and hand hewer. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work on some unusual small homes and cabins. Like many, the book that influenced me the greatest was Shelter. It was in Shelter that I first saw a cruck frame and fell in love with its simple beauty. Shelter also showed me that it was possible for someone to pick up an axe and hew out a timber frame or log home.

I own the whole Shelter series including the less familiar Shelter II.

I do not know if you are interested in any of these pictures for publication but I would truly feel honored if you did.

This building is a log cabin, hand-hewn. This was built by Bill Rispoli and me. The living roof is blueberry sod. Has berries in August and turns scarlet in autumn. Think of us as builders from the Atlantic Coast.

–Mike Beaudry

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Jonny Briggs' Structure in the UK

Jonny Briggs' Peach House


I have just completed a structure that has greatly been inspired by the books you produce. I am a 26-year-old carpenter/designer from the UK and work using traditional techniques and local sustainable materials.

I just thought I would share my creation with you, the Peach House was commissioned by a member of the Royal family and I was given free rein with the design and build, which was a very rare but amazing experience. Read More …

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