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Master Carpentry in Poland

Hi, Lloyd,

I spent Christmas with my family in Dąbrowa Białostocka, northeastern Poland.

Yesterday evening Santa had the good idea to bring me one of your books, Small Homes, great idea, impossible to spend a better Christmas.

I’m a fan of your books that I discovered about fifteen years ago. It always makes me dream of a better world.

Thank you for everything. If you go to Europe, it would be a great pleasure to meet you and to welcome you to Poland.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and lots of new adventures in 2018.

–Julien Croisier

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Learn to Timber Frame Book Review

Will Beemer of The Heartwood School for the Homebuilding Crafts was kind enough to send us this amazing book on learning to build using the timber framing technique. I have always been amazed by this particular process of framing, watched a ton of YouTube videos on builds using this technique, but never really understood the process fully.

I now know about wood selection, the tools needed, layout and cutting, framing, sills, joists, braces, etc. This book gave me a great starting point for using timber frame building techniques. Thank you so much Will! Can’t wait to start a project!

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Hallig Home in Northern Germany

Hallig Habel during “land unter,” a local term describing the flooding of the Halligs during storms when just the houses stick out of the water. Thirty years ago, when this picture was taken, the house was inhabited by a farmer. His sheep and cattle spent their nights in the lower story. In extreme storms, when the lower story was flooded, the farmer would bring his animals upstairs. Photo by Hans Joachim Kürtz

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5 Questions with Lloyd Kahn

City Lights Bookstore welcomes Lloyd Kahn on Tuesday, April 11th. He’ll be discussing his new book, Small Homes: The Right Size, from Shelter Publications. Lloyd answered our 5 questions. More about him, and his answers, below.

The Event: Tuesday, April 11th at 7:00PM. 261 Columbus Ave., San Francisco, CA 94133.

About Small Homes: Are tiny homes too small for you? Do you want living space larger than 200–300 sq. ft. of floor area? Hot on the heels of his popular Tiny Home series of books, Lloyd Kahn revisits smallish structures and explores the possibilities of working within limited physical spaces and maximizing creativity in relation to one’s needs. His new book is profusely illustrated and he will be presenting a visual presentation that will include many images that never made it into the book.

Featuring: 120 homes in the 400–1200 sq. ft. range, owner-builder techniques, natural materials, a variety of construction methods, inspiration from owner-builders, a cornucopia of ideas, small homes in the country, towns, and cities, and over 1,000 photographs. Use your own hands to build your own home.

About Lloyd Kahn: Lloyd Kahn is the editor-in-chief of Shelter Publications, an independent California publisher. Shelter Publications specializes in books on building and architecture, as well as health and fitness.

City Lights: If you’ve been to City Lights before, what’s your memory of the visit? If you haven’t been here before, what are you expecting?

Lloyd Kahn: First time maybe 1962, I was an insurance broker and started to wander in North Beach during my lunch hour. Memory of wonderful place. I bought Howl.

CL: What’s the first book you read & what are you reading right now?

LK: I started out reading books on the sea by Howard Pease at 12 years of age or so. Right now reading A Man Called Ove by Frederik Bachman.

CL: Which 3 books would you never part with?

LK: Barns of the Abbey of Beaulieu at Its Granges of Great Coxwell and Beaulieu-St. Leonards by Water Horn and Earnest Born, Das Skizzenbuch des Francesco di Giorgio Martini, and Richard Halliburton’s Complete Book of Marvels

CL: If your book had a soundtrack, what would it be?

LK: The album “Let It Bleed” by the Rolling Stones (which includes “Gimme Shelter”).

CL: If you opened a bookstore tomorrow, where would it be located, what would it be called, and what would your bestseller be?

LK: Maybe some day I’ll open a bookstore and sell off the some 600 books I have on building and architecture. I could call it Learning to Build.

Join Lloyd and City Lights on Tuesday, April 11th at 7PM as we celebrate the release of his new book, Small Homes. Get the book direct from Lloyd’s Shelter Publications, at City Lights, or ask for it at your local independent bookseller.

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Logtagon: Scribe-Fit Log Building


Hi Folks,

Before I knew of all your books I built the attached … thought it might interest you … Thanks for all the inspirational books!

Henry Fosbrooke

We have been involved with the construction and design of a number of timber structures for the past 10 years.

Trying to build with trees and timber grown locally and using scribe-fit log building and timber framing techniques, you can see some of the buildings that have been created.
Read More …

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Ten-Sided Timber Frame Structure in UK



I sent you a few photos back in summer of a small oak-framed structure with a thatched/shingled roof. I thought I would share with you a project I have just completed, a 10-sided timber frame. The geometric patterns created in this 10-sided structure are amazing! I had eleven building craft apprentices working with me from the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community.

–Jonny Briggs

–Jonny Briggs

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Cordwood Hermit Hut by Rob Roy


Lloyd tells me this one is too small for his new book on small houses. Well, it’s not really a house, anyway, just a cabin for a single student at Earthwood Building School, a hermit…

Eight-inch (8″) cordwood walls are supported on a foundation with an 8-foot square footprint, leaving just 45 sq. ft. of actual usable space. Still, there is a desk, a chair, a bed, two large ventilating windows. The door has to open out. The place is so small you have to step outside to change your mind.

The building was timber-framed by students at one of our Timber Framing for the Rest of Us workshops, and the cordwood was done at Cordwood Masonry workshops. Some of the students put interesting design features into the walls, like a sailboat — and a hermit!

Go to www.cordwoodmasonry.com for more on Earthwood’s classes. Our 2016 schedule will be posted about November 1st.

–Rob Roy

oct 11 063hh2 IMG_1821 Read More …

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Bridge Timber Houses in Big Sur


Completed in 1974, the Shaw House can be grouped with what the architectural writer Richard Olsen has called the Big Sur “bridge timber” houses. These were built out of reclaimed redwood timber sourced from local bridges that were demolished and replaced with concrete and steel in the 1960s. (The lumber for the Shaw House came from the old Dolan Creek Bridge, located just south of the Esalen Institute, the storied human potential movement retreat center.) Among the more celebrated bridge timber structures are the 1969 Hill of the Hawk house and the 1971 Staude House, both built by the Carmel Valley architect George Brook-Kothlow, who also did a similar place for Clint Eastwood in nearby Pebble Beach.

Check out the article at tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/03/27/mark-haddawy-big-sur

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