Telescoping Teardrop Camper Expands to 3x Size at Push of Button


Teardrop campers all share one simple design disadvantage: their tiny size on the road makes them equally tiny when it’s time to camp. French company Beauer is offering a solution in their 3X caravan, which is small when being towed, but expands to three times the size when parked for the night. With the push of a button, the camper, which resembles a trio of nestled tin cans, telescopes in about 20 seconds to its full size, providing ample interior space.

Interior in expanded state

The camper, which measures 8.5 feet long by 6 feet wide, has been designed to be roughly the size of its tow vehicle when on the road. In its fully telescoped space, there is room for a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and a living and dining room. The interior fixtures are designed to slot in beside each other when the caravan is closed, meaning that as soon as it is expanded the camper is ready to use. Just fold down the sofa and you’re ready for the night.

The bedroom features a double bed and the compact bathroom just off the bedroom has a shower, sink, and cassette toilet. The living area has a large dining table and a sofa which also converts into a double bed. The kitchen comes with a two-burner stove, a 130L fridge, a sink, and plenty of cupboards and storage space. There’s also room for an optional oven.

Beauer has already launched the caravan in France and is planning to expanding availability across Europe and the US in the next few years. They are also working on integrating the 3X into a camper van called the 3XC.

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