The Bamboo Homes of Bali

bamboo home

In the green jungles of Bali, outside the town of Ubud, there’s a village of 18 homes constructed almost entirely out of bamboo. From a distance they look like jungle huts, but these are far from it. The Green Village combines high-end design and sustainable architecture.

Roll-down bamboo blinds and specially designed roofs help protect from rainstorms. Banana paper is used for interior walls and some aluminum for roofing, the rest is locally grown bamboo.

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bamboo home bamboo bridge
bamboo home

2 Responses to The Bamboo Homes of Bali

  1. Ed says:

    We did a segment on Elora Hardy & Green Village earlier this year as part of our annual ‘By Design’ broadcast of CBS Sunday Morning [we featured Lloyd as part of the 2010 edition].
    Here’s a link to the video:
    The entire broadcast will re-air on August 24th. Check it out!

  2. Sandra says:

    Really beautiful! It’s great to see that now these projects are also set-up in other countries, in a variety of styles. I visited a project in Costa Rica totally in Balinese styles. This is the website of that company:

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