The Hobbit Hutch

Hobbit Hutch vardo

The Hobbit Hutch: a 56 sq. ft. vardo/caravan/gypsy wagon with a 20 sq. ft. porch. Totally insulated. It has tiny appliances in a tiny kitchen area with working windows … jalousie windows on both sides of the bed … transom window above it … artwork/awning/window box on the ‘romance side’ of the wagon … faux wood stove … a/c … bed with pull out dining table … and soon the porch will have a propane outdoor shower and cassette toilet hidden away inside a plywood box seat … all surrounded by outdoor privacy curtains. 

hh-07  hh-05  hh-06

It’s built on a 8′ × 5′ Tractor Supply trailer.

hh-02   hh-04   hh-03

We will be using it primarily as a writing studio … my wife and I are both authors … and a guest house when the kids/grandkids come.

–Jim Mangum, Bastrop, TX

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2 Responses to The Hobbit Hutch

  1. This is such a beautiful vardo! Is it a self-build? Will you build more, or make the plans available? Any pictures of it with the shower etc put in? It’s all exquisite, but I think the door and the super-tiny kitchen with window are my favourite features.

    • Amy says:

      Please reply, I’d appreciate a bit of advice about how you got the toilet, plumbing and energy sorted for this, do you have any information where someone could get a tiny house like this?

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