The Sun Studio


“My husband and I have been devoted followers of Lloyd Kahn’s blog and books for years. We opened Freedonia Mercantile & Design in 2009, partly due to his inspiration. I just thought this might be of some interest. We use reclaimed materials when possible and specialize in ferrocement and mosaic work. We live with our son in a 1920s 700 sq. ft. bungalow in Atlanta, Georgia.” 

Cheatham-03   Cheatham-06

“We hope you enjoy this recent client project of ours. This is a 10×10 art studio. For more pics and information go to (a constant project to update/improve website, so check back often.)”

Cheatham-04    Cheatham-05

“Thank you for all your inspiration over the years!”

–Sloane Robinson Cheatham

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