The Tiny Hollywood Home of Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser


It’s a story as old as the movies — actor moves to L.A., hits it big, and buys himself a Hollywood manse. But iconoclastic Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser, a Minnesota native, who purchased his own little slice of Tinseltown in 2003, didn’t entirely follow the script. Instead of going big — Hollywood land baron and reconstruction-era California senator Cornelius Cole’s turn-of-the-20th-century mansion is just around the corner — he went small, buying and moving into a 580-square-foot cabin.…

2 Responses to The Tiny Hollywood Home of Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser

  1. s.p says:

    I believe he sold this “cabin”… it reminds me of the actor who portrayed “Jimmy” on the old Superman TV show (w/George Reeves) who lived in a Frank LLoyd Wright house in Hollyweird that was around a 1,000 sqft. I guess not all actors have huge egomaniacal personalities that make them buy stuff for “show” rather than what they actually will use.

  2. Ryan Shepard says:

    Shelter linking to Dwell? What have you guys done with Lloyd? He’d never allow this ;)

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