Three External Roofs on Tiny House in Woods

Tiny House with external roofs

I really like the 3 external roofs here. This is a great idea for tiny homes: it expands usable space greatly (and cheaply). In temperate weather, you can do a lot (like cooking and eating) out-of-doors.

Sent us by Godfrey Stephens

2 Responses to Three External Roofs on Tiny House in Woods

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like it!

  2. Wayne Lutz says:

    Float cabins here on Powell Lake often use this type of design for the reason you give. In summer, the extra roof area give cool shade. In winter, they extend outdoor use in rainy and snowy weather. We eat outdoors almost every night in winter with the help of a three sided porch enclosure and a propane portable stove.

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