Tiny Copper House is Full of Small Space Surprises


Like a pudgy new baby, short and stocky tiny houses are always undeniably cute. But Lina Menard, who lives in a tiny house community in Portland, took extra care in designing her 100-square-foot home, and the results are downright adorable. Circular cedar shingles, delightfully a curved door and window, and copper accents throughout (she even spray painted her freezer copper!) underscore a playful “lucky penny” theme that would probably be overkill in a bigger space. But Lina’s decor isn’t the only thing that makes her tiny home so cool. She also figured out tons of small-space tricks to make her downsized life much easier.

Good 12-minute video in full article.



8 Responses to Tiny Copper House is Full of Small Space Surprises

  1. Anon says:

    WOW…I want one.

  2. Laura says:

    It seems to me that one can not cook there, it only has a microwave. It looks awesome but maybe it needs to have a more complete design. I did not see a toilet neither. But it sure looks lovely, a design I’d consider.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes it has a nature’s head composting toilet. One can do a lot of cooking on the 2 burner alcohol stove too

    • linamenard says:

      Laura, thanks for asking about cooking in the Lucky Penny! I live in a tiny house community (http://www.unlikelylives.com/2015/04/lina-tiny-house-community-2/), so when I’m cooking for 7 I usually cook in the Big House. But cooking in the Lucky Penny is fun, too, and it’s a snap to cook for up to four people in my tiny house. The trick here is all that storage space to create a plug-and-play kitchen. I have a convection toaster oven (what you saw in the picture that you called a microwave), a microwave (that’s in one of the cupboards under the bed – I’m trying to ween myself off of it!), an induction cooktop (that I keep in a drawer and pull out whenever I need it), a hand mixer, a crock pot, a pressure cooker, an ice cream maker, a chest freezer, and a handful of the most handy gadgets.

      Additionally, I don’t currently have a toilet because I use the bathroom in the Big House. But I have a spot for a bucket toilet in the mudroom in case I ever need my house to be more self-contained.

      • Becky Hall says:

        I could cook there quite happily. Has everything I need–love the ice cream freezer! Mmm, gelato!

  3. Elango says:

    Hi Evan,
    Its a nice post with unique picture. I love this tiny house.
    Thanks again…:)

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