Tiny "Ecocapsule" Built for Solar/Wind Power

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An architectural group from Slovakia is introducing their portable, egg-shaped, solar/wind-powered Ecocapsule at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna this month.

According to Lloyd Alter’s article on TreeHugger:

The designers claim that it “is fitted with all essentials necessary for a comfortable prolonged stay without a need to recharge or re-supply.” It has all the comforts of home: a tiny kitchen, a bathroom with toilet and shower. There is a pullout bed and lots of storage, all in a 4.468 m (14′ 7″) by 2.407 m (8′) egg with an area of 8 m2 (86 SF).

It’s powered by 2.6 m2 (28 SF) of solar integrated into the roof and a 750-Watt (42.65 BTUs/minute) wind turbine feeding a 4200-Wh battery bank. The shape is somehow optimized for rainwater collection, which is then filtered for use.

Floor plan

Floor plan

Solar and wind generation; rainwater collection

Solar and wind generation; rainwater collection

Transportation options

Transportation options

The designers characterize it as being suitable for a wide range of applications: from an independent research station or a tourist lodge to an emergency housing or a humanitarian-action unit.

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4 Responses to Tiny "Ecocapsule" Built for Solar/Wind Power

  1. Carol says:

    Cute. But gimmicky. No need for it to be round unless it’s used as a trailer. The shape and interior make it expensive. Anyone can create the same function for less and with more flexibility. I’m getting tired of the Treehugger.com and InHabitat.com render porn and eco-gimmick content.

  2. Wendy P. says:

    By the way, rounded rooftops are very energy efficient … think ‘igloo’ and you will get why they do well in very windy situations…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s amazing. It’s use for research,rescue or expeditions is so valuable. It’s not made of cheap materials because it need to be durable.

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