Tiny Home News – April 22, 2015

Tiny House On Wheels In Calgary Gets A Reprieve

Tiny house on wheels in Calgary gets a reprieve.

Huffington Post Canada
Tiny House on Wheels in Calgary Gets a Reprieve
This week, she found out she may not have to move the tiny home after all. Shadlock built the home, which she calls “Margo” after her late…

Asheville Citizen-Times
Brevard OKs tiny home initiative
BREVARD: A city council in western North Carolina has approved a resolution endorsing a tiny house initiative as a way to increase the amount of…

South Side could see Syracuse’s first tiny homes for the homeless
Syracuse nonprofit, A Tiny Home for Good, has modified the design of its tiny homes for the homeless since this rendering was made in late 2014.

East Brunswick Sentinel
Tiny homes seen as way to address homelessness
For each tiny home constructed, pilot municipalities would receive two credits toward their fair-share housing obligations required by state law.

Students help build tiny houses for the homeless
(KING): As he looked at the tiny home coming together on the back lawn of Seattle’s Franklin High School, Tai Jordan swelled with pride. He saw more…

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