Tiny Home in South Africa

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I saw this place on Gizmag.

At first look, it (from the outside) didn’t appeal to me. Dwell magazine aesthetics. But when I got to the photo of the interior looking out onto a deck, I took a second look.

tinyhome.jpg.662x0_q100_crop-scaleI like the idea of inside/outside living. (The climate has to be conducive; but in much of the world, it is, at least part of the year.) You can cook, eat, lounge under a roof over a deck. Maybe sleep out there.

This is an interesting design. I don’t like ladders to lofts, but in 184 sq. ft., it’s probably not avoidable. Where you would sit or eat inside isn’t shown. The back room? Kitchen layout looks good, but how do you get to those high boxes? Same ladder?

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2 Responses to Tiny Home in South Africa

  1. naomi says:

    I do like these small spaces but I agree with you about the ladders. Those people must be young! and two footed. I’m looking forward to some which take into consideration those of us with some balance problems – all one level, and at least a seat in the shower. (If only that car hadn’t bit off my foot, but things happen.)

  2. Martin says:

    An outdoor staircase to the loft would’ve been great (if the climate allows for it).

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