Tiny Homes as Big Answer for Solving Homeless Issues


www.al.com:news:huntsville:index.ssf:2014:10:tiny_homes_pitched_as_big_answ.html1“A tiny idea could be a big solution for helping Huntsville solve its homeless problem. During a Huntsville City Council work session on Wednesday, Nicki Beale, founder of Foundations for Tomorrow, gave a proposal for building small homes, less than 500 square feet, that could provide a safe, dry community for homeless people to replace tent cities, while also costing 68 percent less than building conventional housing shelters. A tiny home, usually built on a trailer, can be built for $5,000 to $10,000, she said, noting she has seen one tiny home community of 30 units built for $100,000. Foundations for Tomorrow will have a 3D model provided by Mind Gear ready next week and hopes to have its first tiny house built by Christmas…”

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2 Responses to Tiny Homes as Big Answer for Solving Homeless Issues

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think small houses are a real liberating and healthy choice for people who out of free will work hard at making them possible like saving resources to purchase one or build one with their own hands, to give them to individuals for free as a hand down won’t work. Homelessness is much more than not having shelter over your head, it’s a complex issue that requires a more sophisticated and professional approach. Small houses can, for sure, be a resource for the more elaborate solution.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Mr. Anonymous says that those in need should just “Build one with their own hands” Well, That’s fine for someone who has lost their home due to foreclosure or have become unemployed and are still able to work. What about the desperate need for homes for younger people like me who are living on disability of $860/month and have to live each month to the next on someone’s good graces? People shake their heads at women who stay in unhealthy and/or abusive relationships but the bottom line is that there is nowhere to go. All income based housing is full, section 8 is full, the cost of renting is almost my entire month of disability. Pride may go before a fall but I don’t want charity, anyone with any common sense knows that that which is easily gotten is never fully appreciated. That said, I am very limited in what I could do labor wise. So how can I contribute? It’s been my dream to have a tiny home but I have nowhere to put it, I can’t afford land, let alone dig water lines and whatever else they require. Do I dream of living in the middle of nowhere where I can enjoy nature and not have to worry about someone stealing my service dog….of course!! The bottom line is I can’t afford $10,000 for the home, and what $5-10,000 for property with utilities, and even if I could try to save the money somehow- if the government hears I have more than one month’s worth of disability in my account then I am cut off because as far as they are concerned it’s not needed. So then we have circled right back into the regrettable situation someone of limited resources started from. What’s your solution to that, pray tell?

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