Tiny Homes for the Homeless


Around the time that Vanderbilt University released the results of a large-scale study outlining the most effective solutions to homelessness, Pastor Jeff Obafemi Carr was moving into a 60-square-foot house with no bathroom, kitchen, or even a sink. Carr’s idea was to temporarily leave behind his wife and five kids to live in the tiny house, which looks like a tool shed, to raise $50,000 to build more such homes for the homeless.


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    Lloyd…I don’t know if you ever got a chance to hear about the Mad Housers out in Atlanta….but it’s kind of an interesting story. Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article about them….they were doing something similar to this back in the 80’s, I think that I remember the authorities making them tear down all the houses. Here’s the link…. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mad_Housers

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