Tiny House As Affordable In-law Unit

In law unit

“…As more baby boomers inch toward calling it quits with their careers, they’re figuring out that a tiny house — a compact abode around 400 square feet, more or less — might best serve their retirement dreams. After all, aging in place is all about living in a home that’s energy efficient, comfortable and safe…”

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One Response to Tiny House As Affordable In-law Unit

  1. Donna Vanscoyk says:

    Nice little house, but not too many people 65 and past will want to climb ladders….that is the only draw back but my plan, small basement for cistern, root cellar for my canning, 1/2 bath under stairs, w/d for laundry and small tv area…..with a nice Sun Room on top. A small house w/ green house connected gives me plenty room and much to do in the winter in Colorado. It can all be built in stages as money happens, I also will have an outdoor kitchen for canning and cooking and entertaining, small sustainable farm with bread oven and smoke house…a good way to grow old and enjoy life….

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