Tiny House — Giant Journey

Tiny house giant journey

This is Guillaume and Jenna’s tiny house. I stumbled across their blog a few months ago. They have a very elaborate website with the entire build documented and a wealth of information about the process. Did I mention that they are driving across the U.S.A. with the house behind their truck?

Here is a little about them written by Jenna:

Guillaume started this adventure knowing that we wanted to travel in a tiny house for at least a year and then eventually park it somewhere permanently. It took us an entire year to build the house, which we had originally estimated to take three months! Finally in September 2014 we hit the road. Six months later we’ve gone over 10,000 miles and our journey continues! We even plan to make it to Alaska by this summer. Guillaume and I love living, working, and traveling in our tiny home. It’s comfortable, cozy and it inspires us daily to be creative. We love the attention it gets on the road, and it seems to make others smile, which is rewarding.

Now that we’re officially tiny housers, we’ve decided to share our story with others who might want to do the same. We document our travels on our website, host tiny house workshops for Tumbleweed Tiny Homes and film Tiny House Tours as we meet other tiny housers along the way. Living tiny has been a very freeing experience for us. We no longer sweat the small stuff (as ironic as that sounds!)

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