Tiny House Man Cave Overlooking the Ocean


Sitting proudly on a hilltop overlooking Rocky Bay on New Zealand’s Waiheke Island is the home of Grant Lilly. Affectionally named the Lillypad, this Tiny House is under 10 square meters (108 sq. ft.) and boasts sea views that are truly spectacular. Inside the Lillypad, the home is warmly filled with books, as well as Grant’s artistic creations. The home is simple, with a desk for working, a sofa seat and a bed that comes down from the ceiling via a pulley system.The semi-outdoor kitchen area is carved out of rock and sits in the hillside next to the Tiny House. A labour of love, the cave-like area was chipped out over a period of 10 years. Now it is a brilliantly rustic addition to Grant’s home, filled with character and charm…

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  2. A beautiful outgrowth of creativity planted in a stunning setting, and rather sustainable as well. Thanks for sharing.

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