Tiny House Will Solve World Housing Problem, B.C. Company Says

www.huffingtonpost.ca:2014:06:13:murch-tech-tiny-homes-photos_n_5482090.html“The micro living trend is hardly new these days, but one B.C. entrepreneur is convinced that tiny homes are more than just a solution to world housing — they are the solution…”

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One Response to Tiny House Will Solve World Housing Problem, B.C. Company Says

  1. Rebecca Brown says:

    These are great if you are single or have one child and live some place where it is warm most of the year. However if you have three kids and live some place where is rains or snows most of the year and the weather is just terrible then a tiny house is literally asking for depression. I live in NY. If my kids had to stay in a tiny house most of the winter they would go nuts. I have an art room/play room ect. My youngest is unable to regulate his body temperature so that means he is in the house most of the year. Its either to hot or freezing here. So these are awesome for some people. Just a really great idea. For bigger families or families who live in say Alaska or even New York I think it would make most go nuts having kids no real place to play unless they want to freeze outside. I had to have a large play room added to my home so my son could play on slides and have fun like other kids his age who can go outside. I am just saying I do not think it is fair to say that they are a solution to everything. Not everyone should or can live in a tiny house.

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