Tiny Rooms of Japan


Small living and tiny homes are a growing trend in some parts of the U.S., but these incredibly small living spaces in Japan make American tiny homes look positively spacious. In a series titled, Enclosed: Living Small, photographer Won Kim documents the smaller-than-tiny living areas of one Tokyo hotel. His photos prompt the question, “What’s the difference between ‘cozy’ and ‘claustrophobic’?”


5 Responses to Tiny Rooms of Japan

  1. Jeff Bragg says:

    Looks like the girl has a bong in the corner there.

  2. MJ Stark says:

    No window (can’t tell)? It could be a 100 x 100 sq. ft. space and I’d be claustrophobic.

  3. Simplicity says:

    I think it’s amazing. I would be more then willing to downsize.

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