Tom Hall's Garden Reading-Writing Room

Interior of Reading-Writing Room

My wife, finding it hard to write with me underfoot, asked if I would build her a place where she could write without distraction. Given our small yard I knew that whatever I built would, by necessity, also need to be small.

I poured a concrete pad (26″ × 52″), milled rough redwood 4×4’s and fence boards, made mortise-and-tendon joints and put together a room, of sorts, that serves the purpose and adds to the yard. I included an outlet for her computer and a light which makes the pearl plexiglass glow at night like a large Japanese lantern. In the day time the doors open up to the garden and the sun shines through a clear plexiglass ceiling strewn with marbles.

As an afterthought I added eight concrete pavers that I embedded with ceramic leaves of varying shades of green. The pavers leading to the garden closet are also concrete but here I made impressions with real leaves to simulate intertwining vines and then hand stained each leaf.

We have also discovered an unintended use for the room. When my grandkids are naughty the garden closet becomes the “time-out” room. (The doors are held closed with two small magnets.)

–Tom Hall

Toms Wife in Room Tom Hall's Garden Room Custom Pavers Marble Skylight

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    Nice work!

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