7 Responses to Tour of SunRay Kelley's Property and Hybrid Truck by Dylan Magaster

  1. What a wonderfully creative, wise human being. A gnome who lives beyond the masses.

  2. heidi Hartford says:

    Nice work Dylan. -Heidi from the Skyhouse.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Nature’s the greatest artist”. I would love to see through his eyes for a day. I dream and fantasize what he creates. Jaw dropping beauty!

  4. Lsura (Scripture) Ellis says:

    Awesome. If that’s the same location as Cecil and Wanda’s farm, I have some good memories there. Picking huckleberries and a thrilling rope swing….

  5. Brian says:

    I was fortunate enough to live on this property with Sunray and his family back in 1994/5. To see where he has come today 23 years later with his life’s work, brings tears to my eyes and makes me realize what a precious gem of a memory I have. Bless you Sunray. Love Ya Bro. Sparky, from the 94 bus trip to Nevada on “Tripper”. Those were the days!

  6. Jan says:

    Loved staying there with Alison! It’s magical SunRay!!! and as her mom, I was so lucky to experience such a beautiful place!

  7. Amazing, SunRay, what you’ve built. Lots of memories watching you work, live, play, and be in the forest and waters at Harbin. Missing your magical presence, and loving what your garden has given the world. Love.

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