Toy Box House


A white, energy-efficient, thermoplastic roof plane (TPO) and painted cedar base wrap three colorful corrugated fiberglass cubes and natural cedar siding to create the basic compostion of the house. The painted cedar base holds a planter that outlines the trailer of the house. Gray water from the house’s sinks can be plumbed to irrigate the planter. A large sliding glass door and an assortment of square awning windows accentuate the facade allowing ample natural day-lighting and ventilation.…





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5 Responses to Toy Box House

  1. Empress Lockness says:

    This is gorgeous. I love the exterior colors.

  2. Tom Kaeding says:

    Totally cool. Simple structurally solid and great color. Keeping it real

  3. Christine says:

    How do I find someone to build me something like this please?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like the clean lines.thanks for lovely pictures.

  5. ghperk says:

    I have been scouring the internet for some time looking at tiny homes. Never
    does anyone mention zoning codes and how they went about skirting the laws?
    Most county governments have square Footage Regs. I assume that is why the wheels.
    One still needs to own the land it sits upon…………..or have really good friends that allow you to be a squatter.

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