Translucent Bamboo House in Costa Rica


“The overall idea, envisioned and executed by architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe, inverts the traditional roles of forest and home — instead of surrounding the house, the bamboo wood establishes the basis for every part of its interior. Plants growing between the two core living areas — situated under a roofless portion of the structure — reinforce this open-layout, inside-out concept…”

3 Responses to Translucent Bamboo House in Costa Rica

  1. alaskafaught says:

    What about flying insects? Wouldn’t the lights attract them like a magnet? What’s to keep them away?

  2. I’ve been in the Philippines for about six months from the US, and wondered the same thing- along with snakes, and larger, more dangerous critters of Costa Rica….Beautiful, but not too secure….cheers!

  3. Sai kiran says:

    That’s really a great information. Thanks for sharing it.

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