Two College Students Build Tiny Home for $489

Amy Andrews and Ethan Van Kooten had no money. How could they build a house?

The Central College students, both environmental studies majors, wanted to build a small, sustainable, tiny home for their senior project. They proposed a $3,350 budget — but when no grant money was available, they became scavengers to complete the project as cheaply as possible. With truckloads of reclaimed materials and 10 weeks to build, the students created a house for $489.

“Everything we used was on its way to the landfill,” Andrews said…

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2 Responses to Two College Students Build Tiny Home for $489

  1. Peter says:

    A $489 tiny home next to a $28,000 tree home in the previous post? Well, you DID warn us that the tree home was expensive!

  2. That’s awesome that they were able to build a home like that. I’ve wanted to do something like that myself, but I haven’t had the time for it. It would be so awesome to say I’ve built my own home. Also, I’d want to know that I could go somewhere and stay whenever I wanted. It’d be tricky to get all the materials together, but I look forward to doing it.

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