Update on Brendan's Small Home in the Woods

Brendan's Cabin

Our previous post, Brendan’s Small Home in the Woods, got quite a few comments, and Brendan has recently updated us with the new image above, and some comments:

Hey everyone, thanks for the positive feedback! I am very blessed!! I’ve made a lot of progress in just the past couple of weeks. I basically have $400 a month to spend on building this, so I’ve had to be creative. I’ve got about $3,000 in it right now. I’m hoping to have the exterior finished this weekend or next.

The interior is what will be jaw-dropping; can’t wait to get started! I’ve got nine days of vacation coming up 4th of July; hopefully the interior starts then.

2 Responses to Update on Brendan's Small Home in the Woods

  1. Anon says:

    looking good, thanks for the update.

    excited to see the “jaw dropping” features, grin.

    hope you put on as much deck as you can, some with overhang roof on the deck…lovely place to barb que/enjoy the outside, even sleep outside…

    hope to see more pics..

  2. Brendan says:

    Thanks Anon!! You know every man is judged by the size of his deck, and I dont intend to dissapoint!! The roof will start at the horizontal 6×6, and run back to allow a few feet of overhang on the deck. That window at the very top is gonna be the sitting spot for my tiny library thats accessed inside via catwalk. Too many ideas to type!!

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